White as Sin redefines the conversation about race relations by addressing the fundamental question —Why? Why is America's history so stained with the horrors of racial oppression? And why does racial dysfunction continue to bedeviled both the Church and the broader society?
I've spent my entire adult life asking this "why" question, and I've now spent more than five years researching the answer. That answer goes far beyond colorblind escapism, Kumbaya encounters, or enhanced diversity skills. White as Sin offers a whole new paradigm for racial healing.
The fundamental problem is spiritual in nature. I call it racial haughtiness. Tracing this immoral constant from the fifteenth century to the present, I explore its various manifestations and establish a chain of moral responsibility to which contemporary white Christians must respond. To help us in that response, White As Sin  offers a biblically-inspired outline for change that promotes personal moral transformation, insists on genuine racial justice, and lays a foundation for the beloved community.

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